ATM Introductory Video

Acuity Capital provides At-the-Market (ATM) solutions to ASX companies. This is an introductory presentation to provide a high level overview of how ATMs are used in the USA and how ASX companies may use this valuable capital management tool to mitigate risk and optimise the cost of capital.

ATM Info Sheet

High level overview of how ATMs work, the benefits, who uses them and some examples

Lithium Australia NL (LIT) raises $7.5m with Acuity

LIT's share price and volume increased in September 2017. LIT was able to raise $7.5m between mid October and mid November 2017. This was done at an average discount of 3.15% to the 15 day VWAP, inclusive of all fees. 

LIT was able to raise capital at better prices, with lower fees and less dilution. Importantly, LIT remained in control at all times with total transparency of the process. 

ASX Large & Mid Caps: ATM White Paper

What is an ATM? 

Who uses ATMs in the United States? 

How are ATMs used in the United States?

What does the academic research show? 

See our ATM White Paper focused on mid to large cap US companies. 

ATMs allow companies to manage through the cycle

ATMs allow companies to manage through the cycle

CPAs allow companies to control the capital raising process

CPAs allow companies to control the capital raising process

ASX Small Caps: CPA White Paper

How does the market react to the announcement of an Acuity ATM or CPA?

How have ASX companies used the Acuity CPA to complement capital requirements?  

How is the CPA able to raise at better prices, minimising dilution and maximising capital? 

See our ASX Small Cap focused White Paper - Market Reaction & Case Studies that outlines how we have helped ASX companies achieve better results. 

Introductory Webinars

ASX Large & Mid Caps

At-the-Market (ATM) webinar presented to Finance & Treasure Association (FTA) in October 2016

Finance & Treasury Association (FTA) introductory webinar on At-the-Markets (ATM) for ASX Companies and managing capital in uncertain times. Presented by Stephen Earl from Acuity Capital

ASX Small Caps

Controlled Placement Agreement (CPA) webinar presented to ASX small caps in May 2017

Introductory webinar for small cap ASX companies on how to use the Acuity Capital Controlled Placement Agreement (CPA)

10 minutes on webinar on how to set-up a Controlled Placement Agreement (CPA) with Acuity Capital for small cap and growth ASX companies