Who uses ATMs?

In a word: Everybody.

Companies of all sizes in all sectors use ATMs to manage the balance sheet, keep debt at comfortable levels and raise equity capital opportunistically.

Below are some examples companies utilising Acuity Capital’s ATMs.

financials & reits

Some of the largest finance and energy companies as well as REITs use ATMs to raise capital. 

This may be to raise capital to supplement/ complement capital management strategies or for use as working capital. 

tech & biotech

Tech, media and health sciences companies often have periods of extremely high price and volume. 

ATMs are used to monetise these optimal periods of liquidity and raise capital at a better price than otherwise would be possible. 


Like tech and biotech, exploration companies may generate news that creates higher prices and liquidity. 

ATMs can be used to raise capital at these better prices than otherwise would be possible through a traditional raise. 

Due to the ongoing and constantly changing nature of Acuity's ATM and CPA transactions we do not list them all here. Instead, we provide some useful case studies from the United States for larger ATMs as well as some smaller CPA deals with ASX companies. Contact Acuity for a list of all ATM and CPA transactions announced by ASX companies.